Welcome to our online shop, where you’ll find a curated collection of digital products to help you boost your productivity and learn new skills. Our selection includes a wide range of resources, from productivity templates and printable PDFs to educational apps and games.

Whether you’re looking to get organized, learn something new, or have some fun, we have something for you.

Our products are available for download on popular platforms like Etsy, GumRoad, and TeachersPayTeachers, so you can easily access them wherever you are.

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Valentine’s Day Games

Notion Templates

Habit trackers, life trackers and other Notion Templates

Math Worksheets

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Most of our worksheets come in ready-to-print packs.

Party Games – printable pdf

Educational games downloaded as pdf will be great activities for your classroom or home. Some of our games are Bingo, Would you rather etc.

Find out more about our educational games here.

Excel Templates

We started as an Excel blog. Some of the templates created through various tutorials on this page are available to download. See some of the existing templates here.

Sight Words Bingo

Sight words bingo is a digital educational product to help children learn and practice high-frequency words, which are important for building fluency and comprehension skills. It involves a digital bingo board with sight words displayed on the spaces and a call list of words read out loud. Children mark the words on their boards, reinforcing their understanding and familiarity with these important words.

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