What is a worksheet

A worksheet is a tab in a workbook. you can have many worksheets in the same workbook. Think of worksheets as pages in your notebook and think of workbook as your notebook

By default, a new workbook will have one blank worksheet

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How to add more worksheets

To add more worksheets click on the + icon next to Sheet1. Every time you click on it, a new worksheet gets created

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How to rename a worksheet

If you want to rename your worksheets, double click on the name of the sheet and start typing.

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Once you type the new name, press Enter to finish renaming

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Basic actions for worksheets

Another way to do actions with your worksheet is to right-click on the Sheet name and open the Action Menu. There are several actions that can be done.

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Click on each underlined command for more details on the operation

  • Insert – same as the + icon. Inserts a new Worksheet
  • Delete – deletes the selected worksheet (careful with this one)
  • Rename – change the name of the worksheet
  • Move or Copy – moves or copies the worksheet left or right (it can also be dragged and dropped)
  • View Code – reveals additional VBA code related to the worksheet
  • Protect Sheet – Protects the sheet for editing
  • Tab Color – changes the color of the tab on the bottom
  • Hide/Unhide – hides a sheet from view
  • Select All Sheets – selects all the sheets in the workbook (in order to perform actions in bulk

How to color the worksheet tab

One fun one is the tab color. As the name says, it colors the tab on the bottom. Very similar to the colored tabs on the paper binders

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