Color Flash Cards App

Learning the colors with Flash Cards is a favorite activity for many teachers and parents. Now you can have the Flash cards as an app on your iPhone or iPad with 80 colorful illustrations and words.

This Flash Cards App was built with simplicity in mind. We want to offer the teachers or the parents the easiest way to access the flash cards. The cards are changing in alphabetical order with a simple tap on the screen. For children, the experience is very similar to what it would be using cardboard flashcards.

And because it is designed for children we made sure that our app contains no ads, in app purchases, upgrades or other annoying interruptions that a lot of free apps have these days.


  • One tap to get to the first flashcard
  • One tap to move to the next flashcard in alphabetical order
  • One switch at the bottom of the screen to change the order of the cards from alphabetical to random
  • No ads EVER
  • No in app purchase EVER
  • No disruption or interruptions EVER
  • No upgrades or up-sales EVER
  • No subscription EVER
  • One time lifetime buy for less then the price of a cardboard set. And it never wears out.
  • Ages 3 and Up
  • Preschool
  • Word-Picture Recognition
  • Colorful and bright illustrations
  • Flash cards are the best way to learn essential basic reading skills and color recognition

Simple set of 80 Flash Cards containing the colorful illustrations and the word descriptions. Just as a Flash card set that you would buy for 5 times the price.