Flash Cards Fun App

Flashcards for kids is designed with to be easy and fun to use. Simplicity of controls (single tap), large and beautiful fonts optimized for each device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and great visuals to entertain and teach at the same time.

Here’s what you’ll find in this app:

– Sight Words for Kindergarten – Kindergarten sight words flashcards, the most common high frequency words selected by kindergarten teachers

– Sight Words for Grade 1 – Sight Words flashcards, stepping stone to reading, these words will help children to read their first books

– Letters (lower and upper case, shuffle option) – the alphabet flashcards from A to Z and shuffled with full color images to help children visualize letters as they learn to read them

– Numbers (shuffle option and setting for Maximum number) – Numbers flashcards in the correct order or shuffled. The maximum number on the flashcard can be adjusted as needed based on the child’s skill

– Mental Math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) – Math flashcards with simple operations where the child can take as much time as they need to calculate the math mentally and with a tap to check if the answer is correct. 

– Fun section (clean kids jokes) – this might be their favourite section but it is a great learning break for a laugh. With every tap, a new shuffled clean joke, appropriate for children. Time to practice their reading with some fun jokes that will keep them opening the app again and again.

– more coming soon. Follow us on Twitter @flash_cards_app with your suggestions and ideas to make learning fun and effective.

Sight Words Flash Cards are designed to develop pre-reading and reading skills for Kindergarten/Grade 1 level such as recognizing common words by sight.

The app contains over 200 high frequency sight words from a list put together by Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers. 

A great tool for teachers and parents to help their kids  practicing words that are encountered very often in children’s books.

The app’s simple and minimalistic design, without any distractions is very easy to use. 

There is no sound. The child is encouraged to read aloud as he/she recognizes the words, letters or numbers. The teacher or parent can help.

For the mental math flash cards, tap to see the exercise, do mental calculation, tap again to see the result.