What is an Excel Workbook

A workbook is another word for an Excel file. When you create something in Excel, the file that you save is called a workbook.

How to create a workbook

To create a new Excel workbook, just start Excel. It starts with a blank workbook

To start Excel, go to the Windows Start button and click on the program Excel. You can also search for it or ask Cortana to launch it.

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How to work with Excel workbooks

Once you start Excel you will be presented with the following options:

  • open your most recent workbooks
  • open other workbooks saved on your computer
  • open a blank workbook
  • open a template from the pre-installed templates or from an online one
  • take a tour of Excel with some predefined examples
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Start with a blank workbook

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Once you click on the “Blank workbook” an empty grid will open

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This is your new workbook.

How to save an Excel workbook

The first step is to save this workbook so that Excel can continue to autosave and so that you don’t loose your work

On the top Ribbon go to the section File and then to the command Save and save the file to your computer

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