Word Puzzles ideas for children’s parties

Crossword puzzles: create a simple crossword puzzle with easy clues that kids can solve. Use age-appropriate words.

Word search puzzles: create a grid of letters with hidden words. Kids will enjoy finding the words and crossing them out.

Jumbled words: scramble a word and ask kids to unscramble it. Start with simple words and increase the difficulty as they progress.

Word ladder: create a ladder of words where each word is one letter different from the previous word. Kids must figure out the sequence of words to climb the ladder.

Hangman: choose a word and ask kids to guess the letters. For each incorrect guess, add a piece to the hangman until he is fully drawn.

Anagrams: give kids a word and ask them to create as many new words as possible using the letters in the original word.

Acrostic puzzles: choose a theme and ask kids to create a poem or phrase where each line starts with a letter from the theme word.

Word matching: create a list of words and ask kids to match each word to its definition or picture.

Word blends: create two words and ask kids to blend them together to create a new word.

Word riddles: give kids a riddle where the answer is a word. They must figure out the answer using the clues provided.