Printable Escape Rooms

What are Printable Escape Rooms

Printable escape rooms are offline games that involve solving puzzles and codes to escape a scenario, designed to be printed and played anywhere.

When can I use Printable Escape Rooms

They can be a great addition to a birthday party or a playdate. They can also be a great way to entertain the kids and the entire family at a family get-together. But they can also be used individually to improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

How to setup a Printable Escape Room

Easy Simple Smart Printable Escape Rooms are the easiest to setup. We are sending 5 PDF files. Each PDF file is prefixed by the words PRINT or DO-NOT-PRINT. You simply have to print the files marked PRINT and read the files marked DO-NOT-PRINT before you start.

What are the elements of a Printable Escape Room

The Printable Escape Rooms that you download from us contain the following elements:

  • Instructions – This is one page, you don’t need to print it. You can read it in the pdf file.
  • Hints – These are several pages (half pages). You can print these or keep online. Some Hint crds contain 2-3 hints that you can offer players when they get stuck. For example, a hint could explain what to do with the various elements of a puzzle or can offer hints that will get you closer to the result of an anagram. It’s best not to print these and keep them close to your chest (or on the phone or computer). You can offer these hints in return of time delays or, for even more fun, in return of small dares, like singing a song or dancing or saying a joke.
  • Puzzles – These are several pages (half pages) that need to be printed. You can print one set for each player if you want to have them play the game individually, or, you can print a set for a team. Puzzles will result in an answer word. All words will be written on the Answer Sheet.
  • Decoders – Some of the puzzles will require a decoder. They are marked with a key. The decoders will offer a way to interpret the puzzle. For example, a decoder is the Morse code for the morse puzzle.
  • Answer Sheet – This sheet needs to be printed one per player or team. The players will record the answer words in the Answer Sheet.
  • Answer Key – You can print one of these for all players or one per player. However, this sheet should only be handed to the players when they have a complete answer sheet. This key will highlight one or more letters in each Answer Word. These letters will reveal the final answer.
  • The Solution – This definitely does not have to be printed. You as a host can use the solution to verify the Answer Sheets and the final word.

How to play a Printable Escape Room

  • Print the puzzles, the decoders and an answer sheet for each player.
  • Hand them out to the players at the beginning of the game
  • Once a player finished all the words on the Answer Sheet, hand them the key to get the final answer. Don’t give the key before the Answer Sheet is complete. The players could start guessing the words based on a few answers.
  • The first player or team to come up with the final word wins.
  • Setup a prize in the beginning to motivate your players. It could be a small present, a chocolate or an experience.

Game Variations

  • For extra difficulty, you can combine it with a scavenger hunt. Hide the puzzles or hide the decoders and have players search for them.
  • Do not offer hints easily. Ask players to perform a task or create a time penalty for each hint that you read from the card.