The excel ribbon

When first introduced, the ribbon was not liked by many experienced Excel users. Personally I hated the ribbon. Now, I can’t even imagine how Excel looked before the ribbon.

If you don’t know, or don’t remember, this used to be instead of the ribbon. How does it look to you now?

old excel ribbon

Compared with the current ribbon

excel ribbon step 1

Much better, right?

The ribbon is not just one ribbon. It is actually 10 ribbons that change depending on the tab selected. Each tab has it’s own set of commands. The Home tab has worksheet related commands, the Insert tab has commands related to objects that can be inserted into the worksheet and so on.

Each of the 10 ribbons have a set of commands. the commands are also separated by vertical bars into subcategories. For example: the Clipboard section, the Font Section, the Alignment section, the Number section etc.

This is helpful in finding the right command. For example, if you would look to align a text, you look into the Alignment section, if you look to format a number – the Number section and so on.

Customize the Excel Ribbon

The default ribbon can be customized to add more commands or to hide/unhide certain tabs. To customize, click on the down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar and click on More Commands

adding tabs on the excel ribbon

The Ribbon can be customized by enabling/disabling tabs from the list

excel ribbon customize

In the same menu, one can customize the Quick Access Toolbar. This is the small toolbar on the top left bar. Add the most used commands from any of the tabs there for quick access. My favorite one is “Clear All Filters”

excel ribbon commands
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