Unwinding Anxiety – Best book for understanding your anxiety

Do you think you have anxiety? Do you want to better understand it, reduce it or even get rid of it all together?

Then this book is for you.

Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind by Judson Brewer

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We think of anxiety as everything from feeling unease to full-blown panic attack. This book will make you understand the complex habit forming mechanisms in your brain that build the anxiety.

Habits that lead to anxiety live in a part of your brain that resists rational thought. So you can’t beat anxiety with thinking. You can’t think your way out of anxiety, you can’t decide to change your habits.

You have to work with that part of your brain that is responsible for building habits and build better ones.

The main idea of the book is that people are habit-loop makers. We get external triggers, we try behaviours and we form a habit loop for the behaviour that gives us the best reward, the most dopamine.

For example, we are bored, we reach to our phones. We are anxious, we smoke, or eat foods rich in sugar, salt or fat because they give our brain the most satisfaction in the shortest time.

Instead of telling ourselves to stop doing this using the rational thinking brain, we have a better chance if we build a better reward for our habit and let the habit forming brain choose it when the triggers happens.

We can observe our habits and really think about the effects they have on us and others around us. This will help our brain understand that the current reward we have for our behaviour is really not that valuable.

For example, instead of thinking comfort food feels good and calms your stress, observe what it does to your body in the short term (heaviness, bloating etc) and long term (getting fat, unhealthy etc)

This would prompt your brain to look and build a better offer, a better reward and modify that habit all together.

The book is a fresh way of looking at anxiety and habit forming. It makes understand your body and mind and use your ancient brain that serves you every day.

This brain is creating the basic habit loops like walking, breathing and surviving but also the bad habits like over-eating, drinking, smoking, procrastinating. This brain is also the brain that will help you build better habits.

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