How to start a T-shirt business with zero investment

If you thought about starting a T-Shirt or Mug business where you print quotes, logos or your own designs, the solutions available so far was to buy equipment, learn a manufacturing process, but blanks inventory, and slowly start selling to recoup your investment

Well, not anymore

If you are a creative mind, you can do this starting with your very own designs and zero investment and inventory

Print On Demand Stores

There are many options these days where Print on Demand Stores would take your design, print a T-shirt or a mug, and ship it to the customer. You can charge anything you want on top of the price you pay for this service. 

For example:

You have a great T-shirt idea. You upload it into one of these sites, and set a prince of 25$. Let’s say the store produces and ships the T-Shirt anywhere for 15$. If you sell the shirt, you make 10$ on the deal. No production, no inventory, no drive to the post office, no hassle whatsoever.

All you have to do is to promote and sell the shirt.

You can do that through your website, list it on e-Bay, Etsy, Amazon or any other big online shopping portal.

The success of this enterprise is only dependent on your creativity and hassle. 

Sure, you can make more money if you make them yourself but who wants that hassle. Leave it to the professionals.

Below are some examples of these kinds of businesses.

Check out their sites for the latest details on what they do, pricing structure and details of the offering. These companies are always growing so no point listing here all that since it changes often.

One of these should be able to do the job. If you use another one that you want to suggest for this list, drop a comment and I’ll check it out and add it.

Good luck in your T-shirt / Mug or any creative business you want to start.