Scenic Caves Nature Adventure – day trip from Toronto

If you’re thinking about visiting the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, in Collingwood, here is some information about what to expect.

Where are the Scenic Caves located in Ontario?

The Scenic Caves are located in the town of Collingwood, Ontario, which is situated on the southern shore of Georgian Bay. The caves are part of the Niagara Escarpment, a geological formation that stretches from New York State to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. The caves are known for their beautiful natural formations and for their unique geological and ecological features.

The attraction is 3.6 kilometers from Blue Mountain Village and 158 kilometers from Toronto.

Here are some of the activities to expect at scenic caves.

The trails at the Scenic Caves

There are 15 kilometers of trails through 370 unspoiled acres of natural beauty. Choose the trail that suits your abilities. There are easy, moderate, and advanced trails, all marked by signs, designating their degree of difficulty and distance. The map you receive at the entrance can also guide you in choosing the most appropriate trail.

Lookout points along the way will offer vast panoramic vistas, perfect for picture-taking or just soaking in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Suspension Bridge at Scenic Caves

There is a 420 feet Suspension Footbridge on site. This is Ontario’s longest suspension bridge and is accessible via walking trails. The bridge is suspended 82 feet above the forest floor.

The Suspension Bridge at Scenic Caves is a popular attraction at the Scenic Caves, which are located in Collingwood, Ontario. The bridge is a 180-meter long suspension bridge that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The bridge is suspended 30 meters above the forest floor and offers a unique perspective on the caves and the surrounding wilderness.

The Suspension Bridge at Scenic Caves is made of steel and is supported by cables that are anchored to the surrounding cliffs. The bridge is designed to be safe and sturdy and can hold up to 15 people at a time. Visitors can walk across the bridge and take in the beautiful views of the caves, the forest, and the surrounding landscape.

In addition to the Suspension Bridge, the Scenic Caves also offer other attractions, such as hiking trails, an indigenous cultural center, and an eco-adventure park. Visitors can also learn about the geological and ecological history of the caves and the surrounding area.


You can explore a self-guided trail of caves, caverns and crevasses carved millions of years ago by glacial ice. Be prepared with good shoes as you’ll encounter some challenging terrain that can get slippery when wet. 

Activities on site

Children’s activities are also available on site. Explore the Trout Pond & Picnic Areas or play in the Children’s Adventure Playground. There’s also a gemstone mining attraction and an 18 hole minigolf course on site.


If you’re up for some adrenaline, you can book a reservation for a 2550 feet zip line with a 287 feet vertical drop. The zipline runs on two parallel lines so you can ride side by side with a friend. The trolley holding you on the line allows you to control the speed and it can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h.

This attraction requires reservation and it is not available all the time. Check the website for details.


The park also has a mobile kitchen to purchase some food and snacks as well as picnic tables. There is a washroom on site and a gift shop.

Blue Mountain Village

If you still have energy left, at the end of your evening, you can walk 1 kilometer up from the entrance to Scenic Caves to Bruce Trail Lookout and to Blue Mountain Lookout point for a spectacular view of the Blue Mountain village and Georgian bay.

Finish up the evening with a dinner in the Blue Mountain village to soak up the atmosphere of the area.