99 Steps trail – Thornton Bales Conservation Area

If you are up for a 2-3 hour nature walk near Toronto, consider the 99 steps trail in the Thornton Bales Conservation Area.

99 Steps trail is situated west of Aurora, It is accessible from the 19th sideroad, close to the intersection with Bathurst Street

Google Maps Link to 99 Steps

In this video, I will tell you what to expect on this trail, where to find parking and how to avoid getting lost.


The trail starts on the 19th sideroad. Following the Joker Hill trail, you can go all the way to Bathurst through the trails.


There are 2 locations where you can park.

The first location is on the 19th sideroad. There are very limited spots here, so plan to arrive early. Weekdays may be better for parking here, the weekend is always full here.

Do not try to park on the street, it is very narrow and parking is not allowed. You may end up with a parking ticket.

The second location is the Joker Hill Parking Lot on Bathurst. This is a larger parking lot and you may have better luck finding a spot.

Location of Parking Lot at Joker Hill
Parking Lot at Joker Hill

The drawback of parking here is that the 99 Steps will be at the end of your trail. You’ll have to start with the Joker hill trail and make your way to the steps.

However, you’re in for a treat.

The Trail

The trail is a beautiful walk through the forest with quite a challenging elevation.

Make sure you have good shoes before you go.

The Joker Hill trail is a loop. You can go from the parking lot, do the loop as shown on the map and return to your car.

While on the loop, at some point the trail turns to the 99 Steps trail. This part is where the highest elevation can be found but it is also where it is the most spectacular.

If you visited the 99 Steps and the Joker Hill trail, leave a comment below.

Happy Trails!