Top 10 Excel websites

Microsoft Excel has a growing community of enthusiasts that create great content list blog posts, videos and courses to teach various aspects of Excel.

These 10 websites stand out as best resources found on the web for learning Excel.

With a headline like the number 1 tutorial on the net, is one of the most popular Excel websites out there. Simple and clean tutorials, organized in categories like Basics, Functions, Data analytics or VBA, Excel-Easy has it all.

You can reach to most of the sections from the main page. A great resource are the 300 examples of using Excel functions.

Quick, clean and to the point. has some very clean tutorials and videos the will clarify many excel concepts to you.

The site has a very comprehensive list of functions tutorials. You can get very clear instructions on how to use hundreds of functions sometimes better than you get on the Microsoft website. Clear examples help as well.

Last but not least, since you are here already, check out our Easy Simple and Smart Excel tutorials and examples. We focus on bare essentials so that you become an Excel Expert in the shortest time possible by learning the 20% of the features of Excel that will give you 80% of the results.