Schedule Twitter posts free with IFTTT

This tutorial will teach you how to setup a simple IFTTT schedule in order to schedule Twitter posts free using a Google Calendar event. This will be just to schedule one single tweet. You can learn how to schedule more tweets at the same time in another post.

If you are not familiar with IFTTT and automation services read the post What is IFTTT for the basics.

Step 1. Create IFTTT, Google and Twitter accounts

You’re going to need an IFTTT account, a Google account and a Twitter account.

You can skip one or more of these steps if you already have one or more of these accounts. However, we will be using a Google Calendar account and if you use your Google Calendar for personal appointments, you might want to create a dedicated one for scheduling tweets so you avoid tweeting your personal events.

Create a Free IFTTT account

Create a Free Google account

Create a Free Twitter account

Step 2. Schedule Twitter post free as a calendar event

Open Google Calendar and create a new event like this:

  • Give your event a title like “my first scheduled tweet “
  • Enter a start and end date in the future when you want your tweet to post.
  • Type in a location like “TweetThis” – important to remember this one for later

Scroll down and enter a note like this

Now save your event.

Optimization Tip.

If you want this tweet to post every month or so, set an event re-occurrence. This it useful when you want to post a blog post for example every month. But you’ll learn later that there are way better methods than that. Just keep following my posts.

Step 3. Create your first applet.

An applet is a small script you’ll create in IFTTT to post the tweet when the event is reached in Google Calendar. It’s easier than it sounds.

Open IFTTT and log in. Tap on “My Applets”

Click on the “+” sign to add a new applet.

Click on the THIS button

In THIS section we’ll set the Condition for our Action. If you want an overview on how this works, read the post What is IFTTT

The condition is the start of the event that we just created in Google Calendar

This will be our trigger service. Select Google Calendar (you can search it if not visible)

If it’s your first time using Google Calendar with IFTTT, you’ll be asked to connect your Google Calendar. Log in and authorize IFTTT. This is one time only per service.

Next we are going to select what trigger will cause our action (posting a tweet)

Select “Event from search starts”

Now let’s create the trigger when an event that contains the text “TweetThis” starts. We added that keyword in the location of our Google Calendar event, remember?

Hit “Create Trigger”

Next, we define our action. Our action will be under the THAT section

Notice that the THIS section is already connected to Google Calendar

Tap on THAT

Select Twitter as a service.

The action will be “Post a Tweet”

Delete the default content of the tweet

Tap inside the white box and tap “Add Ingredient”

Select “Description” – this will be your Note you added in the event Note.

Click Done

Tap “Create Action”

Name your applet

And hit Finish

This is all. Now all you have to do is wait. IFTTT will monitor your calendar and when an event occurs that has TweetThis anywhere in the title, description or location, IFTTT will trigger the action to post the tweet on your linked Twitter account and per recipe you just define.

So, yes, you may think that creating Google Events is even more boring than writing actual tweets on Twitter. But there is a purpose in learning this. You don’t have to create them one by one using the Google Calendar. Once you learn how to schedule one you can move to the step 2 of this scheduling strategy. You’ll learn to import tweets using Excel or Google Sheets csv files directly into Google Calendar. That will help you schedule thousands of them at once.

This will keep your social media active for years to come with minimum effort.

REMEMBER. Always keep in mind Twitter rules. if you spam and/or abuse using this service or other services, if you go over the Twitter Limits, Twitter will lock or even ban your account from the platform. Use responsibly.

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