My Link Tree


My name is Paul and this is one of my websites. You can follow and chat with me on Twitter at @DevPaulC

I make Digital Products. You can find my Products in my stores at

My digital Products are Educational Printable Worksheets, Productivity Templates in Excel, GoogleSheets and Notion.

I have 4 websites that I maintain

  • EasySimpleSmart – hosting most of the links to the digital products and iOS apps
  • Excel-Start – Essential Excel tutorials for beginners
  • 7TravelTips – A travel website where I publish some of my travel experiences
  • – where I keep track of all the streaming services available for Canadians
  • EasyWPBlogs – where I write WordPress tutorials and how to get started with blogging

Some of these Websites also have YouTube channels

  • EasySimpleSmart – demos of digital products and apps.
  • Excel-Start – Excel tutorials to link to the website
  • Paul C – My home channel where I post various video tutorials on what I learn.
  • 7 Travel tips – some travel videos and tips linked to the site – monetized channel

I also make apps published in the app store. Funny story about that. You should read it on Twitter.

My apps are in the educational category. You can find more details here